Sandhill Sling Sew-Along: Week 1

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Hello First name / there,

Welcome to Week 1 of the Sandhill Sling Sew-Along! I'm so excited to have you join along!


I put together a video for this week's email that reviews fabric selection, cutting & interfacing, and Steps 1 & 2 (strap and shoulder connector). I hope you'll find this video helpful (scroll down for the link). 


Here's the schedule I'll be following for the sew-along:

Week 1: February 17th (today), fabric selection, cutting & fusing interfacing, strap and shoulder connector assembly

Week 2: February 24th, make front pocket (View A and View B), assemble interior pocket

Week 3: March 3rd, gussets and lining

Week 4: March 10th, complete the lining and finishing

Week 5: March 17th, link wrap up and any loose ends!


I think this schedule should allow for plenty of catch up time if you miss a week. Don't feel pressured to rush along! But if you're cruising along and having fun feel free to go at your own pace, too. No rules here!


Click the button below to purchase your copy of the Sandhill Sling!


Week 1 Video:

Here's the video for Week 1 of the Sandhill Sling sew-along! Click the image below to play the video.

Image 1

Fabrics used: Adorn (canvas weight) by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Ruby Star Society, lining also from Adorn collection (quilting cotton).

In the video I go over fabrics, cutting & interfacing, and Steps 1 & 2. All of the cutting measurements and cutting layouts are found on pages 3-4 of the Sandhill Sling PDF.  Or page 3-5 of the printed (paper) pattern.


I do recommend using the cutting list as a checklist. There are little boxes next to each piece to check off as you go. Also, I love keeping organized by clipping labels (provided with the pattern) to the pieces as I cut. 


After this week you should have all the pieces cut and the interfacing fused to all corresponding pieces and your strap/shoulder connector all set to go. Yay!

Need supplies?


In case you need any bag-making supplies for the SAL, I have most items available in my shop (I’m eagerly awaiting my restock of the Metal Snap Kits, but I don’t have an ETA quite yet - hoping I'll be able to restock by the beginning of next week!):

  • Sandhill Sling Pattern
  • Webbing + Hardware kit (this kit is a combination of the 1.5 yards you’ll need if using webbing for the strap as well as the strap hardware)
  • Sandhill Hardware Kit (hardware only if you only need the hardware)
  • Webbing by-the-yard (instructions DO include making your own from fabric, too, so whatever works best for you!), you’ll need to order two yards for the sling (it's sold by-the-yard), although you’ll only be using a yard and a half. If you plan on making two bags, order three (3) yards, etc!
  • Zipper Kit for View A (includes both zippers you need to sew this view)
  • 18″ double pull zipper (for making View B, you'll only need this one zipper)
  • zipper pulls, totally optional, but fun! Leather pulls or waxed cord

If you’re making View B, I show a metal snap on my samples (and it’s listed in the supplies requirements). Although I don’t have Starter kits (snaps plus the setting tools) at the moment, you could definitely substitute in a turn lock or a Loxx fastener. I have a video on how to install a turn lock (and you can check out the Loxx website for an install video. So, either of those options would work, too! Gotta love options!


If you're on Instagram feel free to add your images to the hashtags:

 #SandhillSling and #SandhillSlingSewAlong


If you have a question regarding supplies, cutting or those first steps, feel free to reply to this email. 


See you next week,