virtual launch party

for Sonya Robinson

Hey there, First name / creative


Today is yet another brand launch day for an incredible creative, Sonya Robinson! 


Sonya booked my 1-Day Brand Blueprint project, which is a VIP brand design day for creatives and coaches looking to uplevel their branding, gain more confidence in themselves and their business, and maximize their income! 


This project was fun, but there were definitely some ups and downs along the way! Ready to learn more? Let's get into it! 



Before we can get into her full branding, we need to take a look at her moodboard so you can understand the direction we were going! 

Image 1

During our brand coaching call, Sonya told me all about her goals for her business, from moving away from 1:1 and into launching a new membership for badass women , as well as all of the other amazing. things she had planned. She wanted to make sure her brand was strong, yet feminine with fun colors that spoke to her audience! 



logo design

Once I learned all of that, it was honestly so much fun translating it into her brand! 

Image 1


For her main logo, we went clean and simple. She didn't want anything to big or decorative, so we went with this gorgeous stacked script that was still easy to read, but also added a bit of a personal touch!  


As Sonya is also getting ready to launch a new membership, we spent a lot of time creating some fun logos for it. Like with her main logo, we didn't want anything too busy, but we also wanted something that stood out, so we went for a double layer effect on the rest of her branding.


These logos emphasize the strength she wanted to convey, while also still being simple and feminine.


Image 1


the icons & submark

Once her logos were locked in, we got to work on her icons and submarks. 


For her submark, we went for a classic- the circle with her brand initials, though we added a twist. We decided to mimic the look of her alternative look and add a double layer to make it match everything else

Image 1


We also decided to do the reverse for her second icon, so we did just her monogram with a double layer effect. 

Image 1


Once we finished that, it was time to build out her final brand board!


the brand board

Pulling together her final brand board was one of my favorite parts and is something I am so proud of! 

⬇️ Take a look at the final board below ⬇️

Image 1

This brand is such a fun representation of who Sonya is and I am so so so glad I was given the honor of bringing it to life! 


Want to connect with Sonya? Check her out on Instagram! 


Want to see her entire project and learn more about it? Check out the whole page by clicking below! 


I'd love to know what you think! Let me know what you think of the new brand by responding to this email! 


Talk soon creative! 

xo, emily

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