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hey there, friend!

How you doin?


Honestly, I'm struggling.  I'm worried about the Moms.  I'm worried about my family - I miss them so damn much.   Celebrity and Political news is stirring up a lot of angst I'm not really able to deal with right now.  I'm worried about our sanity, our health, and if we're going to survive all this.  I mean, somethings gotta give at some point, right?  This can't go on forever, right?!?!


Then I saw this from Dr. Joy, and it helped me to realized that EVERYTHING we've all been feeling is valid.  And that asking for help when you need it and listening to what you need and then doing that is OK.  In fact, it's necessary.  


So I asked Brian to make his miracle chicken soup.  I spent two days writing on the couch instead of at my desk.  I went outside and puttered around with the birdbath when I needed a break instead of just pushing through it as I normally wood.  I made tiny cheesecakes.  


Because if feels like we're so close - if we can only hold on long enough.


Some small moments of joy:

A service I would ABSOLUTELY sign up for. 

The story behind an iconic wallpaper

This new series from Masterpiece on PBS looks incredible.

But I washed the bedding, isn't that enough?

What society would look like if websites could remember your damn login.

Dior's Couture Presentation for Spring 2021 is so incredibly dreamy.

Big Bird makes me emotional, too.  

The mudflaps on this cheap old truck make me homesick.

Footage of me trying to survive this week.

The day I automated the evening lighting scheme was a dream come true.

I mean, like,  the accuracy. #midwestisbest

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

This week was supposed to be wall to wall Kitchens and Baths at the (virtual) national trade show, but technical difficulties caused them to cancel the exhibition!  So I did some research the old fashioned way, and pulled together this Mid-Century Cottage Kitchen Design with some of my finds.  I loved these forest green cabinets paired with the gorgeous veins of the counter and rustic backsplash tile.  The buttermilk wall color ties all these creamy tones together and then gets accented with modern brushed brass accents. And this new faucet is voice activated! Finished it all off with a leather banquette and a classic fabric for window treatments. I'm ready to settle right in!


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