Keeping you connected during COVID


Happy Valentine's Day! 


We are halfway through February and almost a year into the COVID pandemic shutdown.  This has been a difficult time for all but especially for those of us living with Parkinson's. I feel your frustration of not being able to exercise in groups, go out to lunch and hug your loved ones. Until we are all vaccinated, please don't let the isolation keep you from exercising and staying connected to your community.  

Go out for a walk, call a friend to chat, or try some online exercise classes or social groups.  You can stay up to date on your favorite programs and services at

I have heard from many Parkinson's organizations and they are planning exciting things for the future.  Hang in there.

Thank you for joining me in the pursuit of wellness.

Lauren Simmons


We are people with Parkinson's helping people with Parkinson's


The information provided is for educational purposes only.  Please seek the advice of a medical professional for any questions you may have.