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a pop of pink

Happy Friday First name!


Last week I promised you that I wouldn't obsess over pink the whole month … so I will try and make this the last week!  While working on posts this week I realized just how much pink is actually in our house! It really is just such a fun color! 


The phrase a pop of pink reminds me of my grandmother - Mama! I think of her often because I like to think I get a lot of my DIY flare from her. She loved to make, create, and get her hands dirty with a good project. She helped me decorate my first condo, and we had so much fun searching for funky pieces to tie together all the hand me down furniture I had. Both she and my mom would always say that you can never go wrong with a pop of pink, and clearly that has stuck with me.


Speaking of DIY, if you are looking for a good project to keep you busy this weekend, you can find a simple IKEA Hack on the blog this week, along with some of my favorite things that are pink. And if you still haven't gotten your fill of this fabulous color you can still download this months fun new guide


Have a good weekend! 💕


xo, whitney

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