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happy friday!

Over the next few weeks, I'm throwing a spotlight on some of my favorite female creatives. I'd like to celebrate their work and share their founder & freelancer secrets. The hope is that it inspires others, especially those curious about taking the leap.


I hope you enjoy the ride.


Today, Carolyn Bothwell takes center stage. Carolyn is a freelance brand strategist & copywriter based in Boston, MA. She is also the founder of Freelance Founders. At the start of the pandemic, many creatives at agencies were forced into freelancing without a space to connect and find tools. Carolyn wanted to create a community and private network for independent creative entrepreneurs. In the next three months, she intentionally built just that…


Carolyn inspires me - and I think she'll inspire you, too. See below for a sneak peek and view the full interview here.




Founder, Le Chéile


interview with



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Dish on your company and mission in one sentence: 

Freelance Founders is a private network for independent creative entrepreneurs. We’re on a mission to empower freelancers to charge their worth, maintain their freedom, and build financially viable businesses. I’m also a freelance brand strategist and copywriter in the beauty and wellness space.

What gets you most inspired? 

Other creatives keep me inspired and energized. I love seeing what others are working on and collaborating with people on projects.