The Self Love 💖 Edition

Hello Friends!  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and felt appreciated by your loved ones!


In this issue:  22 Ways to love yourself, why creativity matters, 

enhance your well-being with a forest bath (no soap and water involved), and more! 

Plus the usual sprinkling of serendipity and randomness ✨


I've been so busy trying to get my online photography course ready – so many moving pieces!  And none of it comes naturally to me so it takes a lot of time and energy.


I manage my stress and anxiety by giving myself lots of TLC – getting sleep, practicing yoga, getting outside as much as I can, trying something new in one of my favorite cookbooks (or cooking an old favorite), and making time to be creative.  I don't do any of this perfectly, but nevertheless these things are useful to me so I thought I'd share them this month.


As always, I LOVE to hear from my readers.  Please let me know your tips for taking care of yourselves, or if anything in this newsletter resonated with you!


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Snowball Cookies

adapted from “All Maine Cooking”, a small regional cookbook printed in 1974.  



1 ½ stick of butter

2 cups flour

4 TBS sugar

2 TBS cold water

4 TBS confectionery sugar

2 tsp vanilla


Mix ingredients in order given.  Roll, in your hands, small “donut hole” sized balls of dough.   Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.  When cold, roll in confectionery sugar.


This is the very first recipe I cooked from the very first cookbook I owned!

And I am still using it almost 50 years later!  

It's a classic Russian tea cake, and is extremely versatile.  I've made them with coconut, mini chocolate chips, chopped roasted pumpkin seeds, and enjoyed them plain too.  


Gossamer Threads

💝 22 Ways to Love Yourself by Sharon Martin:   Read It Here

You've probably heard most of these ideas before but there's bound to be a couple of new ones!  Plus it never helps to have a few reminders!   Do any of these ideas resonate with you?

💫 17 Questions that Changed My Life by Tim Ferris:   Read and/or Listen Here

Not all of these questions are relevant, but they are all interesting!  I really liked question 13, “Am I hunting antelope or field mice?” which is another, far more interesting take on “Don't sweat the small stuff." Along those lines, question 15 “What would this look like if it were easy?” has also given me a lot of food for thought.  

☕️ Virtual Coffee Shop with Jazz:   Watch It Here!

I REALLY miss working at coffee shops, the scents, the ambient background noise, the sight of other people with their laptops out.  I can't do that these days, so this is what I"m doing to substitute!  I light a candle, have a cup of coffee nearby, keep this video in one corner of my monitor and get to work!  There are so many other videos like this with completely aesthetics – its quite a rabbit hole :)

🎁 Giving Thanks by Martha Beck:  Read it Here!

Read about Martha Beck's 3 to 1 gratitude practice.  Basically, when something goes wrong or upsets her, she tries to think of three things that are going right!   Not to diminish her bad feelings, but to expand them, yes this isn't great but here are three things that are good and also true.  

🏆 The Golden Globes - a Notion Tracker by Leo Macara:  Download it Here

If you enjoy the Golden Globes and use Notion, this elegant little tracker is a no brainer!  It's fun to check off what I've seen and figure out what I might want to watch next.  If you don't use Notion, go check it out!  I absolutely LOVE Notion for organizing my life, business, and projects.   It's truly a wonderful piece of software and they have a generous FREE program.  There's a small learning curve, but you can start up simple and build up complexity as needed.  

Parting Grace Note

In honor of the snow the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd post one of my impressionistic snow photographs! I took this in my front yard.

Image 1

Wishing you love and peace,

 now and always – – 



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