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February 2021
Dr. Miaken Zeigler  |  303.623.0808


ZC Rockstars!


We just finished Valent-SPINE week in the office. Not only did we rock out to 80's love songs all week (pretending Lionel Richie, Madonna, and REO Speedwagon were singing to our spines,) we also got to connect with you, our community. If we didn't say it then, we'll say it now - we LOVE your spines! And are grateful you choose to partner with us in your health journey. 


This month, I share my personal regimen on how I am working to consistently invest in my health; and why it's important. I think you'll find we're working on the same things. Let's hold each other accountable! 


What's new?! Introducing our Movement of the Month! I think you'll love the YWTL spinal hygiene move, perfect for working toward your best posture!


Next month marks our Patient Appreciation Week, scheduled March 15-18! It also signifies the end of our Gratitude Expansion Cycle! This cycle, we're doing things differently as we want to pour love and gratitude into our community. On Monday, March 15th, you're invited to join us for our Patient Appreciation Day! We've set a goal to raise $1000 (with your help!) for The Gathering Place, a food bank supporting moms and children. I will be providing complimentary adjustments (above and beyond your care plan,) in exchange for a donation to The Gathering Place (suggested donation is: $20.) Additionally, when you refer in your family and friends, they will receive a detailed chiropractic exam at my expense.

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Like I said, we love your spines... even those we haven't met, yet. This is a great way to introduce your loved ones into the practice. Accountability to healthy choices at home and in your social circles is a game-changer. Taking care of you is a life-long endeavor, why not enjoy it with those you cherish most! And, who wouldn't want to be a part of our cool ZC community! You are why it's so great!

We love & appreciate you!

Dr. Miaken


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