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hey there, friend!

I've had a real busy week.  It's strange to be so deep inside projects, and then to look up and see what's happening in the world.  I read this post from Kate at Longest Acres Farm, and it crystallized for me the feeling of watching what is happening in Texas.  She has some excellent links in her stories right now, or you can also help a bunch of places at once right here.  


So this week has been a week of thanks for me.  Thanks that I have a home with electricity and running water, and heat.  Thanks that I have a partner that will hold me up (and down) when I need it.  Thanks that I have been able to create a life for myself in the past two years that is both challenging and rewarding.  And also, fun.  


I received some stellar photos of a recently finished project earlier this week, and that joy has pulled me through the rest of the week.  Because through a magical combination of timing and chutzpah, the extremely rare occurrence of a designing two houses in one week is currently underway for me.  So I'm also thankful for understanding clients as well as the fact that I've gotten myself set-up to be able to do the work I love at a speed that works with everyone's timeline.


But I'm also very thankful for coffee this week.


Some other small moments of joy:

The soothing, digital rooms of YouTube (amazing background noise to fall asleep to)

I'm obsessed with these teensy products

Adding Sax Solos to songs that don't need them

I have been living my art teacher Eileen Fisher dreams in these linen pants for the past week.

With these tops.

This series from Harper Watters has been amazing

Names for people who read a lot

I'd love an afternoon in Tarjay with a coffee, just strolling around

The colors of these vases are a serotonin re-up

I could watch marbling for like 8 hours in a row

Other uses for a Cricut

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

I had an exterior scheduled, but frankly, I could use a 24hr mental design break from siding and fascia!!  So I pulled together this modern and serene bathroom scheme.  Warm tones on the floor, cabinet and bath surround are complimented by creamy whites on the walls and counter.  A gorgeous freestanding tub and one-piece toilet are highlighted with simple faucets.  And the piece-de-resistance?  This whizz-bang fully mirrored inside and out medicine cabinet.  


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