Hello Friends,


As so many of us dig out of the snow and ice, I wanted to send some warmth your way in the form of this missive.


I think we've finally run out of synonyms for “extraordinary” and “challenging”
as we try to describe these times
we are all living through.


Inevitably it will fall to our artists and writers to reflect it back to us. Because that is what the alchemy of the arts does – it helps us make sense of – and sometimes even transform – our world.



On Monday I am heading to Washington DC (for less than twenty-four hours) to participate in a project – which I can't share quite yet, but about which I am very excited. It will be my first time on a plane in a year. My first time in a city not built out of adobe in a year. I am eager for the perspective shift – even if most of it will be from 38,000 feet.


But there is one new development I can share. I have joined the Board of the Santa Fe Art Institute. I have long admired SFAI's mission. They believe – as do I – that art has the power to change the world. Through their programming, including residencies for artists from all over the world – they have continually fostered and explored the interconnections of contemporary art and society, enlivened the public discourse about art, and supported as well as nurtured artists at all phases of their career. 


Please take a moment to click the links below to read more about SFAI's mission moving forward. I am so excited to be a part of it! 


Last but not least, I've been thinking about how to continue to reach out and connect with you – without overwhelming any of us. We are all spending so much time on our screens these days. . .and yet, those same screens that often overwhelm us also bring us together.


So from time to time, I'm going to show up in your inbox sharing some things I've been contemplating lately about the artists I love. The alchemy of art not only helps us make sense of the world, but it forges connections we may have forgotten we have been missing.


During this past year, one of the things I've learned from my daily yoga practice is that even the smallest actions make a difference. For me, the appreciation of art is as much a practice as yoga is - something to do regularly. . .with attention, effort, and love. I look forward to sharing a little of that practice with you – through these brief art emails. Perhaps they will help us both remember to slow down, look deeply, and be more intentionally grateful. 


Stay warm. Stay hopeful.