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Cheers First name!


Cheers! 🍹It's finally Friday! Anyone else feel like this week took forever to go by? By the looks of the weather maps most of you probably spent the week being unusually cold! It seems to be that mid-winter slump - everyone in this house is extra tired and extra grouchy!


I've been getting the DIY bug again lately and I am getting so excited to get our house project going. We are going to blow out our third floor and everyone is going to change bedrooms. The question now is when to start the work. COVID and online school is making that harder. In the meantime I am starting to plug away at projects, so don't miss my simple TV stand rehab. Stay tuned for more projects to come.


Monday is National Margarita Day … and I am still not sure why it isn't a summer holiday, but we can pretend with my favorite margarita recipe. So make a batch - throw on your sunglasses 🕶 and pretend you are somewhere else! ☀️


I have lots of fun things on this weeks fun finds so don't miss it! It has some very preppy finds and a yummy one as well! 


Have a good weekend! 💕


xo, whitney

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