Want to know what I'm writing next?

Well, my friends, today is the day I discuss my 2021 plans (I clearly can't be tamed by New Year's resolutions). I held off on sharing until I had a better idea of my latest draft and writing schedule. As of today, I plan on releasing a new series that features three billionaire brothers. I don't want to give much away about the plot (because it's still a work in progress), but you can find a little unedited quote down below, so check it out.


My plan is to release all three books in this billionaires series before moving onto my next project. Many of you have asked about the second-generation books (based on the children of the Dirty Air Series main characters). Your enthusiasm means the world to me. It makes my day to hear about your love for Marko and Stella. It's cute how you all think they're endgame hehe *evil Kermit laugh gif


Okay, jokes aside. If all goes according to plan (which is not very on-trend with 2020/2021), I will pursue writing about the second generation. I wouldn't tease you like that in my extended epilogues and not deliver something.


My heart belongs to the racing world, and I'm excited to return to it once the timing is right. While it might seem like a long time before you read about the Dirty Heirs (see what I did there?), they will be here before you know it. I can only hope the wait is worth it. 


Welcome to my next world with alpha assholes, dirty deals, and strong women who can bring a god to their knees…

Exclusive quote from my my next series…

"We don't seek to make the world better.

We seek to make it ours."

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Check back in soon.


xo, Lauren

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