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It's time for a character profile! I'm in the midst of Murder at Sea Captain's Inn, book 3 in the Book Magic mystery series. I shared my vision of Jamie McAdams with you a few months ago (see below if you missed that). Today I'm sharing how I see Pippin Lane Hawthorne.


Pippin is the heroine of my Book Magic books. She's 29 years old and has a twin brother named Grey. 


If you've read Murder in Devil's Cove, you know that Leo Hawthorne, Pippin and Grey's father, was a huge Tolkien fan. Pippin was named for Peregrin, and Grey for Gandalf. Are either of these names you'd like to have? I think I'd love to be called Pippin after a literary character!


I've been doing a #15DaysInMyWritingWorld on Instagram. One of the daily prompts was about my favorite themes. All of my books feature strong female relationships. Often those relationships are familial--mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, and even bonding with a stepdaughter. Other relationships are between friends. In Murder in Devil's Cove, for example, Pippin, Ruby, and Daisy begin to form a bond. Pippin also meets Hattie Juniper Pickle, who will play a part in subsequent books in the series (and is first introduced in The Secret on Rum Runner's Lane, a mini mystery about how Cassie's story begins). 


Pippin is a survivor. She's learning to read (it's always been a struggle for her) and she's turning the house she and Grey inherited into an inn. She has always had her brother, but they are starting to go their separate ways. This means Pippin is also figuring out how to be on her own. That independence will help her grow immeasurably, but it also means her friendships with others become that much more important. 


Get to know Pippin better by checking out her profile on my blog (see below).


As you can see, I picture Jessica Chastain as Pippin. Sometimes Amy Adams sneaks in there, too. There are a lot of redheaded actresses. Do you have a favorite? If you've read Murder in Devil's Cove, who could you imagine playing her on the screen? Write back and let me know!


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