So you finally have got your new

skincare ... now what?



You've got your new skincare sitting nicely in your bathroom but, somehow my skin is  playing up and looks worse then before




The adjustment period to your new skincare may last several days to weeks. It’s important to stay true to the prescription and instructions given by your skin expert.


WHY IS MY SKIN DRIER THEN BEFORE? DMS Base creams stand for Dermal Membrane Structure. The formula is skin-identical and has a high delivery system.

The use of conventional products and makeup can compromise your skin barrier more by delivering nasty chemicals deeper into the skin. eg mineral oils, silicones, preservatives, fragrances.  By using your specific given Dermaviduals prescription, this is avoided but a possible adjustment can be encountered. Skins that are used to products and makeup with high emulsifiers, silicones, and mineral oils may feel temporarily tight and dry and appear reddened.


HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST?  This is a normal process. Your skin is going through withdrawal during cell turnover, remaining chemicals are being expelled by the skin, this happens slowly. Cell turnover is different for everyone and depends on cellular age. Your cell lifecycle of 14 - 28 days depends on your current health and age. The keratinocyte (predominant skin cell) will become part of your acid mantle (outer layer skin) for approx. 5- 7 days before naturally desquamating. After this process, the skin will start to feel well balanced and hydrated.

HOW TO ENCOUNTER DRYNESS?  Nutrition and lifestyle adjustment can take some time to take effect. To make the adjustment more comfortable extra lipids and oils can be incorporated into your skincare regime.

Talk to your skin expert if you feel uncomfortable or if you have any questions regarding your skincare regime. 





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