The Transformational Power of Acceptance











I have always been inspired and amazed at how some people can face tremendous upheaval in their lives and remain so full of joy and life!  It has been something that I've studied about for years.  Through my Life Coaching business and being a Teacher of Presence I believe I have discovered the key…'s Acceptance!  

I have put together a 4 week pre-recorded course with exactly how to Accept (not give into) every life situation.  How to let go of the past and live in the present.  During this 4 week course you will also receive one 30 minute Zoom meeting with me to go over any personal questions you may want to discuss.  I've also set up a Private Facebook Group just for the members of this course.  In this Private Group you can discuss the videos with each other and also post any questions for me to answer.  You'll also receive one 30 minute Zoom Group meeting where our entire group from this course can get together and meet each other and discuss any questions that may have risen over the four weeks.  I have pre-recorded the videos so that  you can watch them any time and you'll have access to them forever. I am so excited to offer you this course which will begin March 8th.



Thank you so much for being a part of everything I do!