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 I've been thinking a lot about Cabin Fever lately.  Because I have a real bad case of it.


So I'm writing this to you from my back patio.  Blessedly, February in Florida is one of the last truly unobstructed times you can enjoy the outdoors here.  We are riiiiiight on the cusp of the annual pollen explosion, but as of now, all the plants have only just started blooming and it's pretty, with cool temps and no humidity. The butterflies are back. My basil is going bonkers. So there's that. 


But my cabin fever goes deeper than just needing to be outside.  I need to be OUTSIDE - of this house, this city, this state, hell, even this country.  I desperately want to get away.  


All my normal tactics for escape (being around people I don't live with, going to busy art museums, seeing live performances, and taking road trips and cross-country flights) are unavailable right now because of Covid.  I mean, it's all technically still available, but I don't feel safe doing any of it.  This is Florida.  We have no idea what's really going on health-wise, nor any indication of when this might be over for us.  Getting vaccinated seems like a complicated far off dream…


So, I'm struggling.  I thought you might be too, so I wanted to just say, hey, I feel you.  I still have a bit of hope left that the other side of this is so close.  And that we're gonna get through it.


Some small moments of joy:

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I like what I like how I like it”. (HARD SAME)

The rise of the community fridge

Like, it just existed, for real

Kelsey Keith's extremely excellent house number source round up

Bless this woman

An epic 70s Time Capsule House

All the best videos on the internet to space out and / or fall asleep to

Why it's okay to leave the dishes in the sink

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

Back to exteriors this week, with a dramatic and fun mid-century look.  Tricorn Black from Sherwin-Wiliams on stucco is accented with composite wood siding decking from New Tech Wood.  An aluminum metal room brings a hint of modernity, while the Fireclay accent tile takes is back to a more hand-crafted feeling.  And finally, a punchy red on the entry door (Peppery by Sherwin-Wiliams) is accented by simple succulent landscaping.  Classic, timeless, but still fun.


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