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Hello everyone, my name is Thyron And I am the Lord dragon of Venus. I am in charge of keeping the peace, and protecting at the humans who come here. The day I see Orlana I know she is my mate. But there are something more to her sweet little body that is yet to awaken. When we are attacked, magic post from her body and I knew right then she would bring the piece to settle everything on Venus. All I had to do was make her mine. If you’re ready, pre-order

sold to Venusntoday and I’ll make it worth your while. See you guys all later.


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Hey, for those of you who didn't catch the last email- I made a pen name for a new Contemporary Romance side of me. ;) If you'd like emails from that side don't forget to sign up. Here's the Email and Yes, I'm still working on the website. :) 
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*Growls low* I waited two thousand years for my betrayer to be reborn. She remembers nothing of her former life. I plan to teach her everything about her magic, her heritage and how to reclaim her former glory. She will guarantee the continuation of my species. I wonder how she will react when I tell her dragons are real and she belongs to the most powerful of all?


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My name is Alara. To save my sister, I took her place as sacrifice to the Dragon—the terrifying beast that lives in a castle by the sea. Cursed by a Blood Witch, his is only able to the take the form a man during the blood moon cycle. He is rumored to be a terrifying monster, but I find myself falling in love with this beast who can take both the form of a dragon and that of a man. To break his curse and set us both free, I must look upon him and see my one true love. But, there are two problems: I lost my vision several years ago, and more importantly…Dragons do not love. 




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Romance, seduction, passion . . .

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Hey, you there! 

Yeah, you with the sexy smile . . . Come read my nonsense life in my nonsense world with my nonsense lovers. That's right, lovers with an s. Plural. Told you. Complete and utter nonsense. 

In my defence, you try waking up in a magical house with no clue who you are, surrounded by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and then be told you're the Fifth. See how sane you are by the end. 

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Cursed to destroy anyone she touches, could a brooding vampire with ulterior motives be her savior or bring her more death?



xo, McKayla

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