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“That right there, that's a scone, ok. Basically like a muffin, except it sucks all the spit out of you.”


That is a quote from my new favorite show, Ted Lasso, and he is so right. I have never understood the lure of the scone!  I wasn't going to write about my new love for this show because I figured I was the last one to get on the Lasso train, but after asking everyone I know if they have seen it I have discovered that quite a few of you have not yet been bit by the bug.


Ted Lasso follows an American college Football coach to outside of London to lead what the rest of the world considers a Football team.⚽️  From there what happens is truly magical. And don't give up after just one episode because you will be missing out on one of the best shows this year.  Also, don't dismiss it because you aren't that into sports and rom coms are more your jam - I promise this show has more heart than it does machismo. 


One of the other things I love is that this show is finally making me feel relevant again.  Do you ever throw out a one-liner from one of your classic all time favorite movies only to have someone look at you like you are insane? It's called talking to anyone under 40 and it just makes me feel old! So imagine my delight when there is a TV show that throws out zingers from Fletch, the Gambler, Sex and the City and even You've Got Mail. I left feeling like someone finally got me! It is glorious.


You will want to watch it more than just once because you will find lines that you missed the first time (or 5th even ☺️). There are so many brilliant gems in there!  It's charming, it' sweet, it's hilarious and it is just the spark of humanity we need right now. I wouldn't call it family friendly but I promise this will be worth WAAAY more than the $4.99 that a month of Apple TV + will cost you. (And I would recommend Morning Show while you are there). 


Have a great weekend First name!

xo, whitney

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