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Hi! My name is Cristi.
and, I'm excited you're here. Join the MAY 2021Better Together Group!  


I'm just wrapping up my first Better Together group and March has been amazing. The progress I've seen, the feedback, the sense of community, the support! It's truly incredible. But don't take it from me. Here's what some of the current members have to say:



"This month has been extremely helpful!  I've appreciated your knowledge, insight and delicious recipes.  I've enjoyed our group calls and the individualized plans via our one-on-one calls.  As someone who didn't cook much before Better Together, I've learned a lot from you and have become much more comfortable in my kitchen.  Thanks so much for "Made Whole Made Simple" and for all of your've been a lifesaver (literally)! -Sha


"I highly recommend working with Cristina. The Better Together program not only provided me with one on one access to Cristina and her amazing recipes but provided a network of support from others navigating through their chronic illnesses and learning how food can help us to start healing. The Facebook group and group calls provided additional support and encouragement that I wasn't alone in this journey. Cristina taught us to remove the mindset of what we "can't" eat and focus on the foods that help us feel great. Doing AIP can be frightening, but with Cristina and Better Together, it's a bit less scary." - Kristie



Be sure you have access to your PayPal associated email. Confirmation will be sent there with important questions regarding meal plan/ dietary preferences. 


Group Coaching just for you...


Meal Plans

Whether you're going with a meal plan in Made Whole or need a customized plan, I've got you! 

one on one

20 minutes phone call with me or another FNTP on my team, each week to check in, see how YOU are doing. 


Group call to share your updates, get questions answered and connect with one another! 

fb group 

Sharing meal pics will be encouraged. Helping each other is encouraged. After the program you get lifetime access to the Better Together Grads group! 


This isn't your average cookie cutter group program. This is detailed. It's customized. Doing it in a group is because community and support and such an important part of healing. We're diving deep into food as medicine but without diet dogma. That's hard, that's unique. We need each other for this. I can only take a limited number of people, if you're in, reserve your spot today. Enrollment will close April 15th. 

May Better Together will run from May 1s to May 31st. 


Have any questions? Reply to this email and ask me:)


Be sure you have access to your PayPal associated email. Confirmation will be sent there with important questions regarding meal plan/ dietary preferences.


More praise for Better Together


"I have been doing food eliminations for about approximately 1-1/2 years.  I've read books, purchased cookbooks and tried new things. I have learned so much from Cristina's vast knowledge and experience with AIP, Paleo, Keto, Whole 30 lifestyles, far more than I have from any other resource.  Her books, recipes, podcasts and social media posts are always informative and helpful.  When she posted about this Better Together group I signed up and I am so happy I did.  It is refreshing to be in a group of people that all have the same type of issues with inflammation and autoimmune disease and truly understand what you are going through, especially Cristina.  The facebook group and weekly group zoom meetings are fun, informative and give me lots of extra options.  Cristina is great about answering all your questions whether you email her, post it on the facebook page or during our weekly one on one zoom calls. I've created a binder to include all the information I am learning from this and all the yummy new recipes I am trying.  I am planning on taking the information I have learned and continue on my journal to better health!" - Maria 



"I have loved this group and learned so much not only from you, but from others in the group.  Before this reset I was really struggling with simple self-care.  I was burned out and even though I was following keto fairly strictly I was tired of cooking and found myself leaning on quick go-to foods just to get through the day.  I knew I wasn't fully nourishing my body with whole foods but in my head I was using the excuse "I'm sticking with my macros, so whatever."  In spite of being on keto and fasting multiple days per week, my acid reflux was raging and I was fed up with all the doctors who told me there was nothing I could do.  The support and inspiration from this group has been invaluable.  The FB group's food pics and encouragement were inspiring.  I have been a huge fan of your cookbooks and website for years and being in this group got me excited to try some recipes in the books I've never made before and enjoy cooking again.  I was worried I'd spend the month white-knuckling my way through a super restrictive eating plan but it has felt totally opposite to that.  I am eating a variety of foods and not depriving myself.  My acid reflux went from totally out of control to almost completely gone (and I even had coffee yesterday!!!!).  Aside from feeling better, the one result I really wasn't expecting is the subtle beginnings of a mindset shift thanks to your one on ones and the real talk of everyone else in the group.  I have always struggled with viewing food as the enemy and although I haven't completely turned off that negative inner voice, this group has created a safe place to experiment with letting that go and giving my body what it actually needs.  The results of making these small changes have resulted in better sleep, improved moods, and a body that is healing."- Riana 


Once you complete your purchase, hold tight, on-boarding email will go out April 16th, from there we will get detailed information from you so together we can evaluate which path is best for you. 


Talks soon. Promise.


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