Wardrobe Edit

Before taking command of your wardrobe take command of your mind.

It is all in the preparation

Set aside time give yourself a full one to two days to complete the process

This means you go through everything and weed out the things you are not wearing or no longer need


Storage box x3

Bin bags at least 3

Cleaning supplies

Coat hangers approx 100 for every metre of hanging space


Matching hangers while not essential will transform the way your closet looks.


It helps create a space which is peaceful and lovely.


A rolling rail is useful but not essential


grab yours

Create space

Before starting take some time to be in the moment.  Come to a comfortable seated position and close your eyes.  Sit tall through the crown of the head and lightly turn up the corners of the mouth.  Draw the breath down to the base of the spine and pause.  Exhale maybe even sigh release and let go.  Do this for a couple of cycles of breath.  Then let them go. Blink open the eyes - ready for action.  



get a pair

Questions to ask

drink up


What condition is it in?

If it ripped, pilled, discolored and stained = b for bin

( eco tip old t shirts make great cleaning cloths)

get it on

Does this flatter me?

Does the piece fit and flatter you  - RIGHT NOW

Don’t hold onto those pieces which maybe one day will - why do that to yourself?


drink up


Have I worn it in the last 2 years?

If you have not it is highly unlikely you will.

Exceptions being investment purchases leather, cashmere, coats or  special occasion pieces


get it on

Does this bring me joy?

Going a bit Marie Kondo here but you should love everything in your wardrobe

This helps with editing the special occasion items.  If it is close to your heart keep it.


drink up

How often?  

You can do this twice a year as the seasons change.