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A Note from Lauren

Founder of PD Buzz

What's that I see?  Yes, I think that is a light at the end of the tunnel! Things are opening up.  Grandparents can hug their grandchildren once again and that sense of doom that has kept us isolated for a year is lifting.  Let's do something positive with this new freedom.  Get out and move, meet up with old friends, make a difference in your community.  You can start by walking to the mailbox and mailing your red letter to President Biden.  What red letter?  If you don't know, visit, print out your letter urging the president to take some action for those with Parkinson's, and drop it in the mail.  If every person with PD and every person who loves someone with PD mails a letter, the White House will receive millions of letters. In 1938, millions of letters were sent to the White House and that was the beginning of the end for polio.   We can do this for Parkinson's! 

We can make a big difference in this world but to make a difference, you have to take action and it will be more effective if we do it together.


Thank you for joining me in the pursuit of wellness.

Lauren Simmons


We are people with Parkinson's helping people with Parkinson's


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