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Hi, First name / reader!


Here's some great reads I found that I wanted to share with you!

thank you for  READING AND being a part of my life.

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Book Recommendations

New From My Author Friends:

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, & Similar Genres

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Innocence and cynicism collide when two shifters from different worlds face the same terrifying evil.

I never thought that I would ever leave my home in the shifter world.
My focus in life is to care for the people in my pride land.
When my sister went missing, I crossed into the human world and found danger, destruction and death.
I was introduced to Nick, who could help me find my sister.
Lion shifter, detective.
Born and raised in the human world.
He made the butterflies jump in my stomach the moment I laid eyes on him.
As we journeyed through a trail of danger, I began to trust him, rely on him and … love him.

Can this hardened detective and a genteel lady discover the evil that is determined to destroy both worlds before it is too late for both of them?

Note: Adults Only!

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The vampires gather when the sun goes down

The wolves howl as the moon grows round

The witches whisper as the stars drown...

The worlds of supernatural and familiar collide in this thrilling collection of books.

Delve into the darkness and experience a world that exists just beyond the boundary of our reality. These authors bring you stories of vampires, shifters, demons, witches, faes, and angels.

Immerse yourself in the pages and join in on the adventures as you get lost in chaos, excitement, betrayal, love and romance because when worlds collide, sometimes all that is left in the dark of night are whispers…

Satisfy your paranormal romance and urban fantasy cravings with MIDNIGHT WHISPERS – a 23 book collection from USA Today, and NYT Bestselling authors.

This is a limited edition collection you don't want to miss. Each book is exclusive and can not be found anywhere else. Grab this ultimate bundle for 99 cents before it's gone forever!

From authors: Celia Kyle, J.L. Beck and C. Hallman, Mikayla Symonett, Sharon Hamilton, Lea Jade, Jessica Wayne, Moni Boyce, Rachel Andrews, Molly Chase, Sapphire Winters and S.M. Nicholas, Helen Allan, Meg Anne, Rose Garcia, Kira Brinamon, Heather MacKinnon, L S Slayford, A.J. Macey and Jarica James, D.H. Gibbs, Candace Sams, Sade Rena and SD Savore’, Eve L. Mitchell, Tera Lyn Cortez, K.M Taylor.

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Passions pulsate.
Destinies collide.
Humans, angels, and demons alike are possessed with a common bind—desire.

Experience exquisite and sultry seraphs, demonic witches, a hellfire phoenix, a vengeful gargoyle, ordinary humans with dark sides, vampires, werewolves, ghostly spirits, and other creatures of the night, who will whet your desire for romance and seduction. Travel with them into their worlds as they lust for love, romance, and pleasure.

Will they find what they are searching for? Will you?
Find out in this twenty-plus, limited time paranormal and dark romance collection by USA Today, international bestselling, and award-winning authors.

Experience the passion.

Find your passion today in twenty plus stories by the following authors:

Bella Emy – USA Today Bestseller
Alyssa Drake – USA Today Bestseller
Erin Lee - USA Today Bestseller
Lorah Jaiyn - USA Today Bestseller
Cora Kenborn - USA Today Bestseller
Catherine Wiltcher - International Bestseller
Murphy Wallace - International Bestseller
N. Isabelle Blanco - International Bestseller
Diana Register – International Bestseller
Rena Marin - International Bestseller
John Watson - International Bestseller
Rita Delude - International Bestseller
Stephanie Ayers - International Bestseller
Yolanda Allard - International Bestseller
Sian B. Claven - International Bestseller
Olivia Marie - International Bestseller
M W Brown - International Bestseller
LJC Fynn - International Bestseller
Tiffany Carby - International Bestseller
Michelle Edwards - International Bestseller
Tracy A. Ball - International Bestseller
Eve Corso - International Bestseller
Marie Ahls - Internatonal Bestseller
Rheanon Nicole - International Bestseller
Cloud S Riser - International Bestseller


Contemporary Romance

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Taking another man’s woman was a sin punishable by death—especially in the Royal Bastards. The Smokey Bandits Prez should have killed his friend for taking his ol’ lady, Charity, and his infant daughter. His friend could keep Charity, but Ace wanted his kid back. When Charity’s sister, Trinity, showed up with his kid in tow, he thought it was his lucky damn day. He didn’t count on the sexy lawyer forming an attachment to his kid and he certainly didn’t plan on falling for her, but Ace needed her help and he planned on taking everything Trinity was offering him. When trouble showed up on his doorstep, threatening to take away his daughter again, Ace was prepared to lose everything he’d built to keep both Trinity and his daughter safe. He’d walk away from the Bandits, give up his casino, and give away his entire empire before he let anything happen to either of them. Ace could play dirty. He was ready for the fight of his life, no matter how dirty it got. He knew how to play the hand he was dealt and in this game, he was holding all the cards.
Aces Wild is book one in the Smokey Bandits Series by K.L. Ramsey.