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Freelance writer & editor.


Over the next few weeks, I'm throwing a spotlight on some of my favorite female creatives. The hope is that it inspires, especially those curious about taking the leap into entrepreneurship.


I hope you enjoy the ride.


Today, Grace Gallagher takes center stage. Grace, always ready with a short quip, has a way with words. That may be why she decided, early in her career, to strike out on her own as a freelance writer & editor. With an MFA in Creative Writing, Grace succinctly crafts brand stories for companies like Sunday Riley, Vital Proteins, and Romper. She is intellectually curious, witty, and hilarious. Grace is always cooking up something special. She does it all in an understated and authentic way. 


We caught up with Grace and she shared some of her top tips from her experience in the freelance world. See a sneak peek below and the full interview here.




Founder, Le Chéile

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“All of my time feels like mine to structure in a way that works for me.”

Grace Gallagher
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