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There have been a ton of think pieces the past few days about the one-year threshold we're all about to cross.  And it has indeed had me thinking about the last time I ate in a restaurant, or shopped in a grocery store.  The last time I went inside a gas station, enjoyed a leisurely stroll around Target with a coffee, or hugged my sister. 


For me, all of these things were a year ago next week. 


Mentally, I don't like to dwell on the past if I can, and I certainly don't want to fixate on things I can't control.  So instead, I've been keeping my head down and doing the work I need to do, and taking care of myself in small ways.  Like chicken noodle soup and saltines for lunch, reading in bed instead of getting up early, rich hot chocolate for dessert, and letting myself rest when I need to. Taking 20 minutes to give myself a manicure on Monday morning, or taking a long afternoon shower.  


 Just overall being kinder to myself.  And choosing cozy over everything.


Because everyday gives me more hope that this experience will soon be behind us, and we can begin working on a new future…but only if I mentally survive till then.


Some other small moments of joy:

Arguing over the best pieces of Star Trek to watch with a kiddo.

Insta-Dri Nail Polish from Sally Hansen

Japanese Firefly Season

When are we gonna get a live-action Hercules?

Whales like to surf apparently.

I'm sorry.  Truly.  But this is funny.

Seeing inside a folded letter from hundreds of years ago.

Where can I find this magical moisturizer?

A custom plaid by Alexander Girard that is so good.

I do dream of a vacation, but I'd take this, too.

A twitter thread FILLED with solid recommendations for historical romance comfort reads.

The CB2 outdoor line for this year is EXCELLENT.

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

Part of this is me still desperately wanting to take a vacation, and the other part of me is still wanting to take a vacation.  So here we are with a neo-traditional Beach House exterior!  Sandy Amber asphalt shingles compliment deep blue siding with crisp white trim.  Instead of the more common mahogany wood door, I'd like to see a more natural white washed look on this 6-lite door system, with a beautiful brass wall light above.  Polished brass house numbers pop off the navy siding, and it's all tied together with a tumbled brick walk-way that borrows it's color from the surrounding sandy beach.  I'm ready to get away to this charmer right now!


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