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What do summer staff alumni have to say about working at camp? This video lets you listen in to what camp means from their unique perspective.


“There's so many opportunities for you to grow into your future career, and more importantly, into who you are as a human being.”


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Our Business and HR Manager, Lisa Hansen, has found a new job opportunity that will allow her to use more of her skills. She will be leaving our staff in February, but promises to return as a member of the Camp People community. 

We will miss the care and dedication you brought to our staff. We send you with our blessing, and wish you all the best in the future!


At Crossways, we love Camp People -- the donors, advocates, and supporters who make this mission possible. Because of you, we are bringing people together in Christ, so that lives are changed and communities enhanced


Grace Abounds,

Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook,

executive director