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*Sneak peak of us scoping out future locations earlier this month.

This morning, we made the emotional announcement that we are moving. It was a surprise to you, and honestly — it was a surprise to us, too. As you know, we've planned a full project calendar for the year and even started searching for a flip house. However, I've been pretty private about escalating health problems, and after years of doctors telling me that I would benefit from a more temperate climate — we decided we couldn't put it off any longer. 


Less than a month ago (February 7, actually), Chris and I sat down and made the real decision to move to a warmer state. He reminded me that we had been talking about moving out of state two years ago (and even took a fun quiz) when the cabin burned down. Strangely, we also looked at a slew of flip houses at that time — and ended up buying the home we're in now. (Does looking at flip houses make us want to buy a new home?)


We knew that making a decision based on health and family was the right one — and that we'd be okay with whatever... and wherever... comes next.




How will you get your house ready to sell? 



I'm not one of those stagers who takes pictures off of the wall. I like a house that look lived-in — and this one definitely is. We'll finish up a few little projects that we're in the middle of, give this house a good cleaning, and turn on all of the lights and lamps for prospective buyers. I made this list when we were selling our last home, and I think it's time to print it out again!

All good things,

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