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March 2021
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ZC Rockstars!


Happy March! This month wraps up our Gratitude expansion cycle, where we've spent the last few months growing our community of like-minded individuals striving for better health and well-being. First, thank-you for continuing to invest in your health through chiropractic care. According to the research, this identifies you as healthier than the average American. Your commitment requires discipline, accountability, time and energy. Yes, it's not always easy, but well worth it as your return on this investment in yourself is longevity, vitality, and an enhanced expression of life!

Don't you think your friends and family want the same thing?

I encourage you to share what you know with your family and social circles. Next week (March 15-18) is our Patient Appreciation Week, where we give back to our community by offering complimentary chiropractic exams to those you care about. Those family, friends, colleagues likely want the same thing you do: better health, improved immune function, a greater ability to move, enhanced resiliency and adaptability to ever mounting stress, and living life without pain. Whatever it is, chiropractic offers something different - and people are not only looking for it, they are ready for it. 

I hope you'll join us Monday, March 15 as we work to raise $1000 for The Gathering Place. I promise, you'll find us serving with gratitude and joy to uplift and love our community. And, thank you for your referrals. Know that I will take care of you and yours like I would my own family.

I am honored to partner with you in your health journey. Know that everything I'm encouraging and supporting you in, I'm working on it, too. Want proof? Check out this month's blog: Your Nutrition & Supplement Questions Answered. Absolutely, the proof is in the pudding! I look forward to connecting with you in the office.

We love & appreciate you!

Dr. Miaken


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