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This week has been wild for us. I mean that literally, as nature has been hitting a leeetle too close to home.  We've had some young hawks keeping us on our toes in the yard, the raccoons have been getting braver in the evenings when we're on the patio, and we had a coyote sighting at the school across the street in the afternoon - while the kids were on the field!  I mean…


Also, our tiny hot tub was finally delivered!  So we've been outdoors a lot this week.


But the big thing is, we were given the opportunity to get our first vaccination shots last weekend, and we took it.  I've been agonizing all week if I should share that, but I decided that I share everything else, why not this?  And to encourage you to take the opportunity should it be presented.  No guilt, no shame, no questioning. Just do it.


We went to the FEMA outdoor clinic that was close to us, without an appointment, and it was incredible.  It took less than 30 minutes from parking the car to driving away.  It was just an insanely efficient set-up, and everyone was incredibly kind.  I managed not to get emotional when they gave the Pfizer shot. Recovery for us was a very sore arm the day of, and feeling exhausted the next day.  I also had a mild headache and a little bit of dizziness - but nothing that wasn't any worse than PMS. 


So get signed up with your personal pharmacy or grocery store, get your name on Dr. B, and take the opportunity as soon as it's presented in your state.  Because even though I'm still in shock that it actually, really, truly happened, this is the first thing that's given me real hope since this all began.


Some other small moments of joy:


At first I was horrified by this, and then I realized how genius it actually is

Katie Porter must be protected at all costs

My friend Jenn designed this puzzle and its incredible

The pitter patter of little (goat) feet


This is, in fact, the situation

Perfume Genie but only for Roses

Installing a thatched roof

TBH this sounds pretty good to me

There's no real reason to eat three meals a day

Public Cervix Announcement

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

This week we've got a cozy little cabin in the woods.  A deep Grey-Green paint is accented with a Dove Grey standing seam roof.  Dark Stained cedar siding is complimented by composite stone in the same tone of soft brown.  A wood entry door is complemented with black metal hardware, and a aluminum and glass garage door brings a touch of balanced modernity.  And it's all tied together with this wood, metal and glass wall lantern that I absolutely love.  I'm ready to head for the hills!


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