March 12th, 2021

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hello friends,


from guiding a coachee to visualize playing in a container of water to diving deep into the structure of my work, imagining it as a empty house with air flowing through it, the imagery of a container and a flow has been the theme for me lately. these images grounded me in an exploration about sovereignty - a word that describes that ability to fully live your own life.


if what we want is to fully live in our own expression of life, what does this image of container and flow offer us?


i see it as a way to interrogate how we come to know living in our own expression and fulfillment. we are trained into thinking that we need to be taught how to live well or correctly. from grade school all the way to leadership development programs, there is a thread of teaching you how to live the right way. but if we truly reckon with that idea, we recognize we don’t need to be taught how to live, we simply need the container to discover, play, express fully so we may find it ourselves.


water doesn’t need someone to tell it how to be water, it simply needs the structure to be in all expressions of itself, whether in a cup or in between lands. it is in both having the structure and playing within it that we find our sovereignty, where we find ourselves. when we create the containers for ourselves to be the water, we find our fullest expression of living.


as i play with this more and more i ask myself, what are the containers i need to live in the fullest expression of me? what are, as my loved one Jen Lemen would call, the rhythms, rituals, and routines that give space for the knowings i need? what are the spaces i am holding to find myself?


i invite you to play with this too, my friend: what are the containers you need now to hold you in finding your fullest, most fulfilling, way of living?

self-practice: plan to give yourself 10 minutes this weekend solely to yourself. make this a no-thinking container and beforehand ask yourself “what is the one thing i want to do in that moment that has no end-goal, i just do it because it will please me?” then when that moment comes, do it. notice how it feels. 


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i'm blessed to be an alum for this remarkable program by Create Forward for anyone who leads groups and wants to develop the skills to lead a profound change process. it was the catalyst for the coach/ person i am today. its up here because i will also be a group coach for this cohort ~shimmies~. check it out more if this is your kinda jam!


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- NIKBO's music is bringing me so much delight lately and her new album “From the Garden” releases March 23rd!!! #dancewithme


- this post by the homie Jane really speaks volumes to how no matter how nice your boss/ workplace is, they pump you for their profit. #anticaptial-isms


& with that, may you be empowered always all ways.

yasmin 💛

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**curious as to why I may have omitted capitalization? - lucille clifton inspired me.

"Standard English… is the language of conquest and domination; in the United States, it is the mask which hides the loss of so many tongues, all those sounds of diverse, native communities we will never hear...we create the ruptured, broken, unruly speech of the vernacular... There, in that location, we make English do what we want it to do. We take the oppressor’s language and turn it against itself. We make our words a counter-hegemonic speech, liberating ourselves in language.” - bell hooks taught me. & more here.