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hey there, friend!

We had such a great weekend.  From Friday night to Sunday evening, it was great music, good food, soaking in the hot tub and relishing fresh, dry, spring air.  We watched the birds, we had wee cocktails.  It was absolutely great.  Great that is, until the time change.  I cannot ever remember the spring time change ever making me feel more like a toddler at Disney World at 3pm in the afternoon than it has this week.  I'm just straight up EXHAUSTED. And I don't think it's fair to have to experience jet lag if I don't actually get to jet anywhere.  


So exhausted has turned into mad.


The news hasn't been helping at all.  The fact that states across the country are now working to suppress the votes of all of us, because they don't like that we all showed up last November crushes my soul.  The fact that those same state governments think they can regulate a gender makes me furious.  The fact that it is considered acceptable to have the same group of people who committed a violent crime against women be expected to protect women is something that absolutely doesn't compute for me. The fact that racist white misogynists can take out their mental health problems on innocent people who don't look like them, and it be officially stated they were having a ‘bad day’ and it's NOT a hate crime is utterly abhorrent. I just…


How can we have any hope for this country as a whole?  How are any of us that aren't white men ever supposed to feel comfortable living our lives?  Simply continue to live in fear that the next time a white man has a ‘bad day’, it might be me, or my Mom, or my sister, or my nieces, or any of the women in my life that pays his price? I'm at a loss.


But, Fair Fight & LWV continue to do the work.  HRC & Trans Equality continue to do the work.  And NOW & The Global Fund for Women continue to do the work. The Loveland Foundation and BLM are doing the work.  Stop APPI Hate & NAPAWF are doing the work.   All I can do right now is support all of them as best I can.  And let my reps KNOW MY FEELINGS.


(((Deep Breath)))


Some small moments of  not rage but also not exactly joy:

Senator Warnock's first speech from the floor.

I really do miss my 2hr commute sometimes.

!!! SILK.  SONIC. !!!

Emerald Fennel's continuing awards show cosplay.

Silver Fox James McAvoy on the Great British Bake-Off.

These curtains.

A Full English tufted rug.


Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

I just want simple right now.  Give me white siding and shutters the color of the first leaf in spring. Natural wood doors.  Warm Brass accents.  Beautiful brick walkways.  Hydrangeas I can cut in the summer and some relaxing outdoor furniture to go with. Just give me simple.


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