The Go With the Flow 🌊 Edition

Hello Friends!  


This newsletter is a little late and a little shorter than usual – (my goal is to send them out 

every other Monday) because my mother-in-law passed away last week and 

my priorities resorted themselves for a little while.  


A decade or so ago, I would have forced myself to get my newsletter out 

regardless of how I felt, but now I'm beginning to understand the idea 

of honoring rhythms and the way energy ebbs and flows.  

To every thing there is a season.   


In this issue:  Why Are We So Busy, the Problem with Perfectionism, 

a Hamilton HIIT dance workout, Mary Oliver Poetry, and more! 

Plus the usual sprinkling of serendipity and randomness ✨


I love to hear from my readers.  

Please let me know if anything in this newsletter resonated with you or if you just want to say hi!


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Gossamer Threads

💃🏻 Hamilton HIIT Dance Workout:   Watch it on YouTube

This is basically exercises to Hamilton that have a little bit of a dance twist!  It's a little annoying bc she runs ads in the middle of her workout but it's still fun.  She also has a workout video to the Greatest Showman!

♜ Joys of Being an Absolute Beginner - for Life:   Read Essay

Really wonderful essay about cultivating beginners' mind and being open to wider possibilities. Learning can roll back the odometers in your brain by 30 years and change the way you think, and how you see the world.  

👶🏻 Life Stats:  Visit Website

Enter your birthday and learn important facts like how many breaths you've taken, how many days you've spent asleep, how much the stock market grew, how many more people have been born, and some of the ways life on earth has improved.  

📺 American Masters Archive:  Search and Watch on PBS!

Previously unreleased interviews filmed for American Masters documentaries!  Neil Young, Carol Burnett, Maya Angelou, Steve Martin, Steven Spielberg, I.M. Pei, and more.  Definitely a bit of a rabbit hole.  Includes transcripts for easy browsing.

⑅   How to Tie a Tie:   Learn Here!

Diagrams for 18 different ways to tie a tie.  Plus, each technique has it's own page so you can learn about the history of the knot and the best uses for that particular style as well as watch a video demonstrating the knot.  

🦢 Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver:  Listen on YouTube

I love to listen to poets read their own work!   Mary Oliver writes about the natural world with an understanding of its dual nature – its exquisite, sacred beauty and its occasional brutality.  If you want to hear more Mary Oliver, here she reads for 40 minutes from her book of poetry “A Thousand Mornings”.  

Parting Grace Note

I thought these Algonkian Park Turkey Tail mushrooms were especially beautiful…

Image 1

Wishing you love and peace,

 now and always – – 



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