A quick culture Conversation on Chaos

could that chaordic feeling be exactly what we need to lean into?


Chaos. From simple day to day inconveniences to situations of pandemic proportions.


Though we might define chaos a bit different, the impact is likely similar:

-feeling out of control







For most of us, chaos is an undesired state.  What if we were a little bit more curious about chaos?


Chaos can often be avoided or minimized. However it can also emerge unexpected and catch us off guard, vulnerable and possibly stunned because it's beyond our control [e.g. pandemic].


Regardless, we do not need to be victims of chaos, simply sitting in it, allowing it to grow confusion and exhaustion.  We get to decide what our next right steps are towards creating clarity and calm….steps to conserving energy for ourselves and those we impact.



What if chaos was viewed as a preparation, a prompt to sit up and take note of what could come next?  I wonder if that chaordic feeling, you know, the one that somehow gives a glimmer of the chaos leading to order, is just what we need to lean into versus avoid, buffer, medicate or dismiss?



Curious Conversations

Here are some questions to explore chaos as a prompt to possibilities:


1.  When I have experienced chaos in the past, can I now see how learning, discovery or opportunity came out of it? 


2.   Do I have a tendency to avoid or dismiss conversations that feel a little chaotic or messy?


3.  Where/how might I be contributing to others experiencing unnecessary chaos [e.g. being unclear with expectations, direction, needs, inconsistency in how you show up, avoiding conflict]?


4.  What conversation do I need to initiate in the pursuit of minimizing chaos and confusion?


crucial conversation guide here



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