Faux Glow


Refreshers already know how seriously we take our sun protection. We'd use SPF 1000 if we could. But we also know a bronze body is better than, well, anything (especially to sun-deprived midwesterners). Self-tanner can be tricky, but Rachael has the perfect way to make it easy. She's in love with our new Tan Towels because they're streak-free and foolproof. Get a gorgeous glow without the mess of traditional self-tanners. Call to purchase or pick them up at your next appointment.


Read and Believe


If you've ever doubted your abilities or felt underestimated, this book is for you. Our favorite Girl Boss, Lizzie, recommends reading it for an instant boost of self-confidence. Jamie Kern Lima, the founder of It Cosmetics, writes about her struggle to conquer beauty industry standards and create a more inclusive and realistic version of beauty. Her story of the many challenges she faced and overcame while building her brand will inspire you to take on the world.



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