Weekly Newsletter

March 2021 vol. 4



Prepping the Pastures


Spring time is all about new growth. 

Nothing says new growth like trees budding, bluebonnets blossoming, and baby chicks.  It’s also time to get to ready for the spring flush. Throughout most of the winter, we kept the cattle on a 10 acre paddock and we rolled out round bales of hay for them to eat. As mentioned before, rolling out the hay helps distribute the manure and the cows leave behind lots of residue.  

So this weekend I disked all of that residual hay and manure into the soil along with 300 pounds of Sorghum-Sudan grass.  In addition to feeding the soil microbes, I’m hoping to get a lush stand of high energy grass to keep the cattle happy. 

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For the remaining pasture, we added 88 tons of chicken litter. The chicken litter should add lots of organic matter and nitrogen to the soil. Though things are a bit pungent right now, I believe the chicken litter has a longer lasting affect than chemical fertilizers.

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This Week's Markets


PRE-ORDER ONLY Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 pm. 


The regular market is closed - pre-order for pick up only. 


400 Immanuel Rd, Pflugerville, TX 78660

The Pflugerville Pfarmers Market will close for the year after Tuesday, Dec. 15th and not reopen until March 2021. Pre-order delivery will be available during the weeks the market is closed. 


The Elgin Farmers Market is a year-round market that will remain open every Thursday. Pre-orders are encouraged. 


The Taylor Farmers Market is a year-round market that will is open every Saturday. Pre-orders are encouraged. 

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Be well, 

stay safe,


John & Molly