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Happy Spring!


If you're like me, spring brings a sense of hope (right alongside the allergies). I'll take the sneezing and itchy eyes if it means the flowers are blooming 🌺 and freezing nights 🌨️ are behind us. 


There are so many things I love about spring: the blooming flowers 🌸🌷🌼, the beautiful weather, spring showers, long walks, and reading outside are just a few. Our camellia bush is full of bright pink blossoms, the trees are budding, and the days in my part of the world have been beautiful. I hope spring has sprung for you, wherever you may be. If it hasn't yet, I hope it does soon. 🌠


Now, what about that free book? 


I write cozy and traditional mysteries, but there was a time when I dabbled with darker mysteries. I wrote two romantic suspense novels about brothers Vic and Ray Vargas. These books center around the haunting legend of la Llorona (Silent Obsession) and the urban legend of chupacabra (Silent Echoes). They'll definitely “keep you up into the wee hours”, as one reviewer put it. 


These books are getting new covers. Before that happens, I thought I'd do a little giveaway. Silent Echoes, featuring Delaney West and Vic Vargas, is free for Kindle* beginning today and ending on Sunday the 28th. 


Also, the 6th Bread Shop Mystery, Death Gone a-Rye, releases in a month! 🎉 Click on the book cover below to pre-order.


I'd love to hear back from you. What is your favorite thing about spring?


Happy reading!


xo, Melissa

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