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hey there, friend!

I feel like the first 3 months of this year have been on hyper-speed.  It's crazy to me that April is next week.  The whole last quarter has been jumping on a project treadmill in the mornings, barely stopping for dinner and then collapsing on the couch to read the news for a couple of hours before crashing into bed.  


The whiplash when going from work I love and that fulfills to reading news that is devastating almost every single night has been taking a toll.  The past 2 weeks especially.  


My thoughts on the latest round of unchecked atrocities is best summed up by this IG slideshow and this TikTok , both by the Washington Post.  Gabrielle Blair has also written really smartly about this time, and unfortunately, time again.


Text your representatives.  Support Mom's Demand and Everytown. That's all I got.


Some small moments of  joy not rage:

The iconic Jessica Walters as Lucille Bluth

Horses running in the fog

When you know you about to have a good nap

“I saw your miters

The best trellis system I have ever seen

"Met a dog once, and still think about them constantly"

Onomatopoeias in Native languages

A tango dancer with the most incredible footwork skills

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.



In classic Aries fashion, I have supplies for a bunch of projects, but have started none of them.  I have not the energy - but I plan to try this weekend!


Pin of the Week

My sis and I have been talking on and off over the last year about a playroom design.  While this isn't theirs, I felt like working with color today, and was hugely inspired by Racheal at Banyon Brigdes and her gorgeous murals.  So this design starts there, with a bold and colorful mural painted over soft sky blue.  I'd bring in some fun painted furniture, like this traditional turned leg desk and this modern stacked bookcase.  I'd add more storage with a fauxdenza made with wood-look cabinet doors, and a screen in a fun print to hide the inevitable treadmill or peloton that has nowhere else to live.  Then I'd ground everything with a durable wall-to-wall carpet that hides all the mess.  Throw in a leather sofa, and a fun upholstered chair with some soft pillows and you're set.

Bright, colorful, fun, but still cozy.


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