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A specially curated resource for students and young professionals looking to expand their knowledge and network within the sports & entertainment industry. Maximizing today’s virtual learning environment, LaChica Lately is a premium digital platform for understanding best practices, knowing where to start, and establishing your community within the industry.

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First, a sincere thank you to everyone for the support we saw with our first edition of LaChica Lately! We were overwhelmed by the number of new subscribers, as well as all the organizations looking to get involved. Our goal is to grow the community within this industry about which we care about so deeply. As we move forward, you will also begin to discover internship opportunities within a wide range of companies. We hope you will find great value in these opportunities, as well as within all the other great content planned for this month.

All my best,


Angela LaChica

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The Sports & Entertainment Impact Certificate


The Sports & Entertainment Impact Certificate (SEIC) is an unparalleled virtual executive education program at the intersection of sports, entertainment and philanthropy. SEIC is leading the industry in both content and virtual expertise. SEIC is the only academic program for individuals working at the intersection of sports, entertainment, and philanthropy.

RWJF Sports Award

by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Since 2015, RWJF has been celebrating, supporting and raising awareness for the ways sports are being used to help people achieve health and well-being, including individuals and families living in poverty, facing systematic racism, and navigating life with disabilities.

Professional sports teams, athletes, and coached and community-based organizations are eligible to apply and must show how they use sports to catalyze and sustain changes to make healthier communities. We will award up to five cash prizes of $25,000 each. Winners will also be eligible for continued funding through the Opportunity Fun which annually supports past winners.  


by Soccer Collective on Racial Equality

The Soccer Collective on Racial Equality (SCORE)’s founders believe that Black lives matter in every corner of our society without restriction.

SCORE was founded amidst nationwide calls for racial justice during the summer of 2020. The collective consists of Black soccer professionals who have competed at every level including the World Cup and Olympics. Off the field, SCORE members have shared the pain of the Black experience in America. On the field, SCORE members have experienced racism and oppression while doing their jobs across the globe.

SCORE is working together to dismantle systemic racism in the game they love. Racism has permeated through the sport since its inception. It is well documented that Black faces are painfully underrepresented throughout the soccer

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by Minorities in Sports

MiS is a Global Multicultural Community changing sports business, culture and content. Subscribe to their MiS Weekly for Updates, opportunities and events direct to your inbox every Monday morning. 

SIGA Global Agenda Female Empowerment & Leadership in Sport 2021/2022

by Sport Integrity Global Alliance

SIGA has committed to making Gender Equity a key component of its reform agenda by actively developing and delivering a range of impactful projects and initiatives over the course of the coming year. This will include, but not limited to:

  • The introduction of a Gender Parity rule in the composition of all SIGA internal organs, starting with the elections for the SIGA Council, on 10 May 2021;
  • The expansion of the #SIGAWomen Global Mentorship Programme, which during the 2020/2021 cycle is successfully delivering mentorship in a new digital format to 50 young women in the sports industry; as well as
  • The launch of WoW (Women on Wednesdays), a brand-new monthly initiative that will ensure this issue is on the sports industry’s radar beyond International Women’s Day.

Other tangible actions to accelerate the pace of change includes: actively seeking women’s sports leagues to participate in the pilot phase of the first ever independent rating and verification system (SIRVS); as well as the development of the SIGA Sport Equality Index, an innovate instrument designed to showcase the level of female representation on the executive organs of sports organisations around the world, and encourage the much-needed reforms with the goal of achieving gender parity.

Race & Sports: Collective Athlete Activism

by The Rose Bowl Institute

Traditionally, when an athlete protested for civil or political change, it was as an individual. Today, athletes have bound together as a team or even as a league to engage in political expression. Via a panel TBD, the Rose Bowl Institute will explore the  topic of collective athlete activism as it relates to race and sports in contemporary society. Panelists will explore the impetus for their activism, the pros and cons of collective activism on teams and leagues, and their impact on the broader society. Are these new realities appropriate expressions of solidarity for an athletic team or league? What impact can be expected? Are there undue pressures on athletes to conform to the new activism? How should league and team management participate or react?

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Shemakers with Shavannia Williams

by Heels & Helmets - Live every Wednesday 7:30 ET

We bring women together through Business, Fashion, Fitness and Sports to create meaningful partnerships, share opportunities for women and develop SHEMAKERS.

SHEMAKER (n.) she·mak·er | shē-mā-kər

A woman (or man) who is very skilled and successful and helps women succeed.

SHEMAKERS is a weekly program for women who are looking to take their personal and professional game to the next level.  Host Shavannia Williams aims to develop more big time SHEMAKERS by interviewing guests who are experts in their field and champion women.  They are diverse in industry, education and background, so all women — corporate, entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom or student — can gain valuable insight to develop their playbook to win in business and life. In some episodes, Shavannia goes one-on-one with the audience to give advice and answer questions.  This is the show to get tactics to navigate business, strategies to balancing life and inspiration to becoming a SHEMAKER.

Beyond JMS Webinar Series

by SDSU School of Journalism & Media Studies

Using SEO to Drive Web Traffic (4/2 @ 12pm)

Hosted by: Claudio Caberera

(Deputy Off-Platform Director, News SEO at New York Times)

In today’s news environment, just being a traditional leader in content creation isn’t enough to drive traffic to the stories that are being told. If you want engagement, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to ensure that your story shows up when potential readers are looking for a story. In this webinar, the NY Times Deputy Off-Platform Director Claudio Cabrera discusses the importance of SEO and explains how the NY Times uses it to help drive readers to its stories. This webinar will help you understand SEO best practices and uses regardless of your industry.

Sports. Media & Social Justice (4/9 @ 12pm)

Hosted by: Angela LaChica 

(Founder of LaChica Sports & Entertainment and Managing Director of Players Coalition)

In this webinar, we will discuss the role of sports and media in social justice and equality movements. Our guest will be Angela LaChica, founder of LaChica Sports & Entertainment and Managing Director of  Players Coalition, a non-profit organization that has coaches, owners, and professional athletes working to improve social justice and racial equality in our country.

Advocating for a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace (4/30) @ 12pm

Hosted by: Tina Sturdevant

(Talent, Diversity, and Inclusion Director at The Athletic)

Research has shown that businesses that create diverse and inclusive environments have higher revenue growth, greater readiness to innovate, increased ability to recruit and importantly retain a diverse workforce. Quite simply, when employees do not feel as if their presence and ideas are valued by the organization, they leave. In this webinar, Tina Sturdevant, Director of Talent, Diversity, and Inclusion at The Athletic, discusses how to create and advocate for a diverse and inclusive workforce by showing some of the programs she has launched.

Playing for Change: The Role of Sport in Social Justice Movements

by The Female Quotient on April 30 @ 3pm-3:45pm ET

John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their fists in the 1969 Olympics; nearly half a century later, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the 2016 preseason. These are but two among myriad examples of how sports can propel social justice movements. In this conversation, we discuss the reawakening of athletes' social conscience and how the sports industry can use its position of power to support equity.

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"When I hear about a young person who is thriving thanks to the support of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, I am motivated to do even more—especially in communities that need support the most."

Nichol T. Whiteman



CEO Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation

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