Shake it Up


Rachael found the perfect way to keep small eyes and ears busy this Easter. She plans on playing this egg shaker guessing game for an educational and fun way to celebrate the holiday with her littles. Read the blog post from for the instructions on how to assemble this creative activity. Note- the game involves small pieces, so it's best for ages 3 and up. 


Orthodox Easter


Did you know that Dawn, Leah and Caitlin celebrate Orthodox Easter? Dawn and Caitlin are from Armenian heritage, while Leah has Greek heritage.  A tradition they enjoy is dying Easter eggs red and playing a game with family and friends by tapping the corresponding side of the egg in a process of elimination style game! The player at the end with at least one (or both) sides of their egg uncracked wins. In Orthodox culture, red symbolizes the blood of Christ and eggs symbolize rebirth. 


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