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hey there, friend!


It's been real weird around here the past week. 


On Sunday, we were able to get our second Pfizer shot.  Brian had few effects - tired with a sore arm, mostly.  My body, on the other hand, did what it normally does, and went to WORK on those antibodies, negating all other existence.  I slept 10hrs solid on Sunday night, and that was after an afternoon nap while we watched documentaries on TV.  As an insomniac who is also a light sleeper, it was incredible, as that's almost twice what I usually get in a night.  Woke up Monday feeling rested, until about 10:30am when I started to feel a little weird?  Like, maybe I should go lay down?  And why am I so cold?


I had a Zoom call at 11:30 that morning that I had to white-knuckle through, then I went and passed out on the couch again!  It was bizarre, and uncomfortable, but absolutely wonderful at the same time.  This TikTok sums up my feelings. But maybe you want to take the day after you get vaccinated off from work if you're under the age of 50?


The other super weird thing is that I've been on call for the Federal Jury Duty pool since middle of last week.  Because FL/USA don't care about no pandemic!  I mean, at least they don't have me going in to sit in a room with hundreds of other humans every day, but it's still made for an unusual week because I don't feel comfortable taking clients when I might have to be suddenly out of office for a few weeks. I have to call in every three days to see if my number is up.  It's been disjointing. I've got another week of waiting before I'm dismissed if I don't get picked.  


I'm managing to fill my days with other work (there's always work to be done), but OHHHHH MAHH LOOOORDT, I cannot wait to get back to designing houses everyday!


Some small moments of  joy:

Body Positivity - BABY!

This photo story by Regina King starring Viola Davis in W Mag (that green sweater!!!)

The chicest painted floors I've ever seen. 

The way this red velvet dress is painted.

Walker's Shortbread. With lavender tea.

Long Sleeved Swimsuits. Particularly the ones from Land's End.

This sizzle real for a Last Starfighter remake.  (The artwork is incredible.)

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm into this Minivan?

We've become obsessed with watching South Korean industrial Baking videos.  

Are you nervous about going back to normal, Or…

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


A Nest

I planned ahead of our vaccine appointment, with a house cleaning sprint and a pre-made nest on the couch.  It was absolutely the right move.


Pin of the Week

It's a trip to the tropical coast for this week's material design.  I'd start out with siding painted the color of sunshine, but ground it with touches of black on the house numbers and front door.  Then, I'd cap it off with a weatherproof metal roof in an energy saving light silver.  Next, I'd accent around the windows with composite cladding in a weathered grey finish, and tie the garage door in with a matching finish in steel.  Finally, to bring it to life, I'd use a fun cement tile on the patio floor for a pop of color, and tie it all together with a pink mailbox and a classic Acapulco chair in a punchy dark yellow.  And lots of lush palm trees! 


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