virtual launch party

for Whitney Filloon!

Hey there, First name / creative


Today is one of my favorite days! Want to know why? It's because it's Whitney's virtual launch party day for her copywriting business! Ready to check it out? Let's go! 


Whitney booked my 1-Day Brand Blueprint project, which is a VIP brand design day for creatives and coaches looking to uplevel their branding, gain more confidence in themselves and their business, and maximize their income! Though the design day was a little rough, we ended up with a gorgeous design that I think you all will love! 



Before we can get into Whitney's full branding, we need to take a look at the moodboard so you can understand the direction we were going! 

Image 1

Witty, imaginative, and creative- that's how Whitney described her brand during our 1:1 brand coaching call before her design day. She loved jewel tones and eclectic, mystical designs, so I made sure to include them in the moodboard for her brand.



logo design

From the beginning, Whitney wanted a fun element in her brand, so I spent the day before the design day coming up with various sketches and ideas or an awesome, unique illustration!

Image 1


We settled on this fun window illustration with a sun and moon as her main brand illustration- it was simple yet beautiful and super unique. 


After the illustration came the typography, which is where we hit a bit of a snag. It took us a bit of trial and error, but we finally settled on a gorgeous decorative sans serif and fun vintage script for her brand! 


Image 1


the icons & submark

Once her logos were locked in, we got to work on her icons and submarks. 


As with previous brands, we went with a set of classic icons: the round and the lettermark

Image 1
Image 1


Simplicity was the name of the game with Whitney's icons, so we went with a simple submark and letter mark. We did, however, add a little extra sparkle to make it a bit more special, and added some bonus icons to make her overall brand more fun, like an awesome cheetah and some great mystical elements (sourced from Creative Market and the Noun Project)



the brand board

Pulling together her final brand board was one of my favorite parts and is something I am so proud of! 

⬇️ Take a look at the final board below ⬇️

Image 1

This brand is such a fun representation of who Whitney is and I am so so so glad I was given the honor of bringing it to life! 


Want to see the behind the scenes process of her brand design? Watch the brand design vlog below!


Want to connect with Whitney? Check her out on Instagram! 


Want to see her entire project and learn more about it? Check out the whole page by clicking below! 


I'd love to know what you think! Let me know what you think of the new brand by responding to this email! 


Talk soon creative! 

xo, emily

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