What I Know About ... The Best Newsletters Around

First, I know this is Thursday. But I thought it was Tuesday all day yesterday. So this didn't get sent. My apologies but also none of you noticed, so here it is now.


I love, love subscribing to newsletters. They are SO fun. The only thing I like more than subscribing is UN-subscribing. I have a one in, one out rule. If I sign up for a new one, I have to unsubscribe from a different one that day. So before I jump into all the newsletters I think you should sign up for, commit to giving some the boot.


If mine has to go, it's totally OK. I want to give you permission right now to unsubscribe from this if my emails just sit there making your inbox all dusty. I'll try to not take it personally—I totally will, but that's about me, not you. I truly want you to be free from the chains of this subscription if it no longer serves you. (The button to say goodbye is at the bottom. It's been swell having you.)


So after you clear out your inbox, come back and read what I know about the best newsletters the internet has to offer (the best part is these people rarely, if ever, try to sell you anything):


“The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” This is a true statement. I forward his email to a minimum of three people every week. It's brilliant. It's great for life or for business. 


Applicable to all humans who breathe.

Every writer wants to be like Ann. Or they should. She is a marketing wizard and kindness oozes from her words. She's also funny. What a combo!


Applicable to anyone who wants to know more about writing and marketing.

Full disclosure: this is a BIG assumption. They have put out exactly one newsletter so far. But, but, BUT … I'm obsessed with everything they do and they knocked the first one out of the park. If you don't listen to the podcast, you should do that too.


Applicable to anyone who likes to laugh.

This man … is a really smart human. He understands copy, design, business, and psychology. This is probably the most niche newsletter on this list, but I look forward to it so much each month that I had to include it.


Applicable to anyone who writes for a living or wants to market something.


Margo has a gift. She is smart, funny, and thoughtful. She gives her newsletters so much attention and IT SHOWS. I consider her to be one of the best thought leaders out there and I think more people should know about her. Also? She's writing a book that surely seems important. Be cool, subscribe before she hits it even bigger time.


Applicable to anyone who wants to write about something ever.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: my friend Katie is one of the funniest people on the planet. She started a newsletter, specifically for me, because I begged her to. Her humor should not be hidden under a bushel. 


Applicable to people who can laugh at their trauma and also at celebrities.


Jamie writes about the emotions I can't articulate or identify. She gives me words when I can't come up with why I feel “icky” or “off.” These letters are a balm when the world feels heavy, which I guess is just always?  I look forward to them every week. (Warning: they are long but you probably won't care.)


Applicable to anyone with BIG emotions.


Please hit reply and let me know the best newsletter you subscribe to that I don't know about. See ya next month, but on Wednesday. Promise.

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