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Hey First name / friend

Welcome!! We are so happy you're here. It is always so exciting to see our community grow and welcome new friends as we dive into another conference study!!


We began this study because we know how difficult it can be to be present for every word of conference. In case you feel like some if it slipped through your fingers—you're not alone—and you're in the right place! It's a LOT to soak in over one weekend, so let's take our time, who's ready?!


Here’s what you can expect:


A weekly email every Sunday morning featuring one conference talk in our 3,2,1 format—3 insights from me (maybe a bonus one from our community!), 2 quotes from the talk, and 1 affirmation to bring the message to life! We'll also introduce the talk on Instagram on Mondays, then a post later in the week that dives deeper into one of the insights!


ALSO, as many of you already know, we'll be aligning with Inklings again to study words of ancient prophets together with modern-day prophets and apostles—AND we love @emilybellefreeman!! So on Thursdays at 9:00 am MST, Emily and I will hopping on IG Live to discuss the talks and verses with you! The past six-months proved this to be the perfect pair and we can't wait to begin another study!




And the last thing we want you to know is you are always right on time, you are never behind, and you will be blessed for your EVERY effort to draw closer to Him and hearken the counsel of His servants! We can’t WAIT to see what promises and spiritual experiences await us as we study these words together! Be sure to invite your friends and family to join us!!


Ooooh what a time to engage in the work and marvel at the wonder! Can’t wait to get started, we’ll see you on Sunday!

xo, Rio Grange

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The wide-margin PDF compilation of allll the talks from April 2021 is HERE by popular demand! Our community loves this FREE conference companion for everything from notes & insights to doodles and drawings!

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If you're joining the Inklings study you'll want to download this (free!) Inklings journal to use as a place to follow along with the different topics and record your insights!

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Or maybe you just want to follow along with the conference talks! Here is our schedule (same as Inklings) for the next 24 weeks as we cover 24 talks from April's conference!

Can I still order a general conference workbook?

Yes!! We still have some left and they are SUCH a fabulous tool to use before, during, AND after conference! It can be hard to soak up allll the messages in one weekend, so this will help to gather and record your insights as you revisit the messages with us!