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April 2021
Dr. Miaken Zeigler  |  303.623.0808

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As I enter month five of motherhood, I am noticing the impact that repetitive movements, holds, and postures associated with a baby are having on my body. It's the reality of my situation ... just as your body and health expression is the reality of your own experience and choices. Today, a sedentary lifestyle along with sitting, cell phones/iPads use, TV, social media and more are de-evolving our brains, bodies and health. 


Something HAS to change. 


Every day, we must choose to MOVE to counteract the daily stress that leads to breakdown. This month, the newsletter is content-rich with information, exercise demos, workshops and more to implement spinal hygiene movements into your day. Plus, if you check-out our website, I've added (& will continue to do so) a library of chiropractic approved spinal hygiene videos to easily access from home.


You are responsible for your health. And only you can choose to change it. You're not alone, I'm doing the things, too... because I'm worth it. And, so are you.

We love & appreciate you!

Dr. Miaken

PS... thank you to all who donated to The Gathering Place. We raised $710 (at least!) to support an organization that helps put food on the table for moms and kids!

PPS... happy chiro-versary to our beloved CA, Amanda! She is a health advocate, cheerleader, and support system. I'm so grateful to have her on the Zeigler Chiro team!


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