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Are you leveraging transitions?



Transitions have the potential to be transformational.


To be leveraged not only to get from 

point A to B, 

but to create curious conversations that emerge potential and possibilities.


Transitions may be defined as a noun and yet they often require the action of a verb.


mindset matters…


How we walk into and through the transition matters because it changes:


-How we leverage the learning in the transition


-How we interact with others during the transition


-How we make decisions that impact others

pause matters…


Transitions offer an awkward pause between what we know and what is yet to come.  


In the pause, it offers a natural breath to discover…that may not feel natural.  If we push through we may dismiss discoveries and those we are in transition with.


Do I allow for pause to process or push through?




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perspective matters…


Learning and discovery often first come in the form of chaos.


Transitions can feel and look messy and yet like the season shift now, in the midst of the unpredictable weather, small buds appear in the spring, even when snow falls like it’s confused of the seasonal rhythms.


where have I observed chaos transition and emerge new learning?


destination matters…


Don’t simply run to the destination because it feels safe and tangible.  


Use this pause, the transitional shift and space, to walk into and through it with intention because acknowledging and leveraging the transition itself as significant will impact what the destination actually becomes and likely surface potential we hadn’t even consider possible.


Where have I released control that led to a valuable discovery?








As we transition into more activity after 2020, how can you intentionally protect and expand what you have discovered to be good?  What you want more of in your living, leading and loving?


LEADERS:  Create time and safe places to process, to name and leverage the learning or we lose it [why yes, there's a consult for that!]  

Don't lose the valuable resource of experiences in the past thirteen months that can empower us to face future challenges with greater effectiveness, efficiency and engagement. 


Don't waste the lessons in the transitions.



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