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hey there, friend!

My birthday is today (well, yesterday since you're reading this a day later than I'm writing this).  


There are so many things that are different from how I celebrated the day last year.  I've been working like crazy the past week, taking few breaks.  Unlike last year when everything still felt so new and weird and unknown, this year at least feels more settled.  And so much more full.


Went out for the first time this week since last year's lockdown began for something not medically related (we've personally been under a very strict quarantine) and it was utterly bizarre.  I had to go to the DMV to get my ID updated (which was a shockingly complex experience), but, it was a beautiful day, I was alone in the car, and I had chosen a DMV office 20 minutes away. 


It was surprisingly just what I needed, and was the start to a seemingly very lovely week.


But, frankly, I cannot stop thinking about Daunte Wright's baby.  And my exhausted heart breaks, over and over, as this happens again and again, and unfathomably, again.  I'm not sure what stage of Capitalism it is when an ice cream company has the most succinct and correct statement about an abhorrent situation, but here we are.  There's no reforming this.  If that doesn't make sense to you, this is the best explanation I've read yet, from last summer. It still holds true now.


And yet, small moments of  joy:

The Red Sox are on a winning streak.

Having all the ingredients in house to make a different cheese board everyday for lunch.

All 6 of this month's Exterior Design Consultation spots filled up in 3 hours.

Buying fancy soap and fresh cut roses as a birthday gift to myself.

Eat Fruit…Make Tea.

Mother Daughter Make-Up Application

Jenny Andrews Anderson's Tone on Tone Irises
I know this is a miniature, but it still does not compute.

A very distinguished gentleman.

The glory of an intangible compliment.

I didn't know teddy bears could skate.

Art Deco jeweled heels from They Kyoto Costume Institute

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

I can't say that laundry is my favorite thing to do in the world.  Designing laundry rooms? Much more my speed.  So this week it's a bright and colorful design for a utility room / laundry room that makes you feel good when you're in there doing chores.  We start off with a bold blue and white wallpaper to accent a wall, or maybe the ceiling?  Then a super fun tile on the floor - durable and great looking, too.  Then these sleek laundry machines are topped with a durable quartz surface and surrounded by dark blue and oak shelves.  A rustic worktable, basket-like pendants and bright artwork finish it off.  Almost makes me want to fold something.


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