happenings for taurus season!

Hi First name / friend

We've arrived into taurus season and wow am I relieved because Aries season kicked my ass in all the ways it probably needed to …. BUT STILL!

I am glowing from the sun that has been warming me up and melting away the cold to reveal the new growth and seedlings that have germinated.

I truly feel like it's a time to unfurl and celebrate, which brings me to an amazing line up of rad events, fundraisers, and project releases I'd love for you to come to.

SOOO come hang out!




The artist I am today is influenced by the deep support I continue to receive thru velocity!!!  PLUS! I have an Aswang Enchantment up for auction annnd contributed a cute video for the 25 second cabaret! We will be virtually meeting up on gather.town for videogame-esque time + so much more !! 

get ur tickets heree

Before attending NIGHTLIGHT you can pop over to Leanna Keith's TAROT album release where you can see my offering of JUSTICE.

JUSTICE is a video companion to Leanna Keith's album TAROT, a collection of flute compositions exploring the archetypes in the tarot deck, starring movement artist Moonyeka.  A freelance flutist, artist, improviser, and composer in the Seattle area, Leanna Keith delights in creating sound experiences that make audiences laugh, cry, and say: “I didn’t know the flute could do that!”  She also teaches as the flute professor at Cornish College of the Arts. Her performance artworks have focused on cultural connection and the breaking of audience/performer boundaries.  https://www.leannakeithflute.com/

Each track was improvised, based on a tarot card drawn from a deck. Flutes upon flutes upon flutes, occasional vocals, and electronic effects. Without the ability to gather in public for a live show, a new format of album release show was devised. How can we have an album release party that brings community together without gathering in person? How can we do something that couldn’t happen in a live show?

10 tracks.

10 collaborators.

Each individual collaborator brings their own reading of the card, their own embodiment of sound, and each have been stitched together in one visual-album.

The deck tells a story when it’s drawn - how will you read this spread?




….Speaking of Minna Lee (and also Brian Dang)! I am going to be wrapping up the month at 6 Pack's  The Things That Plague Us on April 30th!


Here's more info and you can get your tickets below!

The literal plague has taken center stage for the past year. But.. what other things plague us? A lot of shit, apparently.


Through movement, storytelling, audio experiences, music, rap, sermons, confessions, and more, our six performances tackle this very question. Join Leah Crosby, Marquis Julian Hill, Carol Lee, Moonyeka, Amanda Rae, and duo Sophie Marie & Symone Sanz as we explore eroticism & pleasure, church & cults, labor & love. We’re here to summon our plagues. We’ll laugh at them, cry at them, scream at them, and dispel them together.


Hosts Minna Lee and Brian Dang will lead audiences through pre-recorded streams of the six performances. While Six Pack is traditionally done in a cozy theatre, packed with friends and community members, we will be hosting this show in a comfortable Zoom room. This showcase is a chance for audiences to learn about cool new artists, have a laugh, maybe shed a tear in your crying hanky, and cheer on these new works in progress.

Audience members will be encouraged to engage and rage against the one-sided-talk-to-a-void type of experience. Unmute. Video on. Chat ferociously.

Get your plague on. See you in the room.


Picture below by Mystress Mycelia <3 

Much love and luscious venus energy to you!