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I recently recorded a podcast with a dear friend of mine Laura Eigel on her show, You Belong in the C-Suite. We laughed, discussed, and shared insights from my new book, “You Deserve to Love Your Job: How to Find Your Purpose & Enjoy Your Life.”  


Laura knows me well and we explored all the questions. Below is a cheatsheet to the podcast. I want you to love your job too.  Listen, enjoy, and share!  Click here to access the podcast.


  • Minute 4:10.  Laura's story about “having it all” at a conference.
  • Minute 6:20.  My personal journey to love my job and ‘have it all.'
  • Minute 8:40.  My answer to ‘Were there points that nudged you toward entrepreneurship?’
  • Minute 10:44.  The benefits of writing and journaling, and how it has helped me clarify my thoughts.  📒
  • Minute 12:55. What I think people are struggling with most in their jobs right now.
  • Minute 14:30. The allure of the Goat Farm.  🐐
  • Minute 16:29.  How someone can bring more joy to the job they already have.
  • Minute 19:14.  I share examples of leaders that have turned it around in their current job. 😁
  • Minute 22:47.  We explore what holds people back from taking the first step.
  • Minute 26:21.  What if your purpose is built, not found?
  • Minute 27:50.  Advice to someone in crisis mode. What should you do when you're at your wits end with your job?  ‼️
  • Minute 33:45.  Laura shares her perspective on the book. 📖


Want more insights, tools, and ideas to help you love your job? The book is available for pre-order on the website!  Click here to visit and learn more.  You can also download the first chapter for FREE!    


Yours in love and service,


xo, Arlene