InnerConnected April 2021 Newsletter


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We stand with & uphold this year's World Health Day vision to build a fairer and healthier world.


A survey conducted by Mental Health America found that youth mental health in 2021 is worsening. The disruption of the pandemic (erratic schooling, social unrest, staying safe, financial hardships, and coping with sickness and death) is putting immense stress on our youth. 


Building resilience to cope with these stresses is vital to equip children with the ability to work through challenges now, and throughout their lifetime. 


According to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, regular physical exercise, stress-reduction practices, and programs that build self-regulation skills can improve the abilities of children to cope with challenges, and even prevent adversity in life. 


At InnerConnected our mission is to increase access to wellness tools for youth. Through our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum, we use mindful movement, meditation and play to bolster curiosity, mindful presence and resilience in youth. These practices can lead to more positive experiences, and better mental health outcomes. 


Help a young person achieve their limitless potential. Contribute today to show your support!



Gratitude is the attitude.


At InnerConnected, we encourage meaningful community change through selfless service, giving without the expectation of return.


Our organization is incredibly grateful for our dedicated volunteers who give selflessly to share in the vision of bolstering youth resilience through mindfulness. Ambassadors, Interns, Board Members, and other skilled professionals have given countless hours and energy to help build and sustain our organization. In 2020, our volunteer team contributed over 650 hours of selfless service!


InnerConnected is grateful for Catchafire, an online community of over 100,000 skills-based Volunteers, who assist nonprofits like ours with everything from technology to finance support. We're practicing responsible financial stewardship in utilizing Catchafire Volunteers who have saved our organization over $60K in the last year through their pro bono projects! 


Wow! We are incredibly grateful for every volunteer and their invaluable support for InnerConnected.


This month to honor Volunteer Month, we wish to begin an ongoing Newsletter tradition of showing gratitude to all of those who make our organization shine


We see you. 

We appreciate you.

We celebrate you!

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Diamond O. , IC Ambassador                                                                                       Veronica B., IC Volunteer


This month, we recognize Diamond and Veronica, two volunteers who have been working diligently on making our programing even better!


Diamond believes that social-emotional learning helps kids develop the skills to have honest, open discussions about their emotions and the things they experience day to day.


Veronica believes that spreading SEL to our youth will help bring us towards a more equal, inclusive and just society.


Thank you both for your continued time and energy, we appreciate you deeply!


Stay tuned we can't wait to share news on the new programs we've been working on!



Make Every Day Earth Day

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Resources we 💚 to put Earth Day sustainability goals into action. 



In continued collaboration,


The InnerConnected Team



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