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April 2021 vol. 4




Darlings - 

Our Newest Addition

In a previous newsletter I related that lamb is the main reason we started ranching 15 years ago. When we bought a few acres outside of Houston in 2006, we started raising lamb on our own.  We had to sell our sheep 4 years ago when we moved to Amber Oaks Ranch as the fencing here wasn't adequate and we didn’t have Livestock guardian dogs yet. I’ve finally managed to fence in a few acres that should hold the sheep (and pigs) and with the help of our guardian dogs we’re finally ready to add sheep to the ranch.


In exchange for a 1/4 beef, we got these 6 little cuties to add to our menagerie. Yes, someday they’ll graduate to our freezer, but in the meantime we’ll enjoy having them around.  There are plans to get more and start our own flock - perhaps a few of these little ladies will have babies of their own and become a cornerstone feature to Amber Oaks Ranch. Meanwhile, they’re enjoying the shade,  the company of our two Red Wattle pigs, and occasional visits from Rocky the Rooster and his roving band of hens.



Dorper lambs have a much milder and sweeter flavor than traditional lamb or mutton because they are bred for meat, not wool, and don’t produce lanolin which gives wool lamb it’s gamey flavor. Dorper’s thrive in climates like those found on our ranches in central Texas and are non-selective grazers and adapt well to a range of Texas conditions. 


This Week's Markets

PRE-ORDER ONLY Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 pm. 


The regular market is closed - pre-order for pick up only. 


400 Immanuel Rd, Pflugerville, TX 78660

The plan for reopening has changed yet again; the proposed site was not approved. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available. We will continue to deliver pre-orders to the Pflugerville Rec. Center parking lot until the market reopens. 


The Elgin Farmers Market is a year-round market that will remain open every Thursday. Pre-orders are encouraged. 


The Taylor Farmers Market is a year-round market that will is open every Saturday. Pre-orders are encouraged. 

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Be well, 

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John & Molly