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Are you ready to… 

SELL more 

on camera + generate 

consistent sales 

every day from your following?

Yes, it is possible and I have got JUST the thing to help!

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Introducing, the Paid Storyteller course!

For entrepreneurs who are ready to shift your fear of the camera, transform your business, and help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.


Including my number one way to GROW your audience FAST, and step-by-step video training's that have attracted high level one on one clients and thousands of dollars!


Total value - Over $997!!



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The truth is… when it comes to selling your coaching business on camera…


Most entrepreneurs are just guessing OR not even trying!!!


Which means your results are non-existent and unpredictable.

When I start working with clients, they always want to know the ‘how’

How do I show up online?

How should I act on social media?

What do I even say?!


You have spent the time honing in your offer and developing your genius zone, and spent years learning what does and does not work for your clients.


Selling on camera is not any different, although it is an ART that I will help you craft and save you thousands of hours learning exactly how to act on camera.


Because I know you don’t have thousands of hours to waste…


You need to develop that confidence and shift your fear of the camera TODAY!


So skip the waiting and grab my 10+ years of experience of working on camera AND selling on camera… right here, today.



Hey Queen, Lisa here!

Former talent agent, Lisa Hyde, is now a powerhouse serial entrepreneur, beauty & wellness expert, and the woman behind the crown. An LA native, fur mom to the BEST rescue dog, fifty-one and fabulous whose passion is serving others by sharing trade secrets of self-love and confidence! Decades ago, she closed the dream job in Hollywood to become her mom’s caregiver. After her passing, it took YEARS for Lisa to rediscover her power. She thought life was about sacrifice and never dreamed she'd create revenue streams that would allow her to empower other fempreneurs and live the lifestyle she wanted. Now, she helps ambitious women step into their power, create businesses with massive impact and profit, to #MakeitReign in confidence & abundance.



unlock my secret video scripts + how to build and grow the right audience to sell your coaching to.

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This exclusive bundle is designed specifically to help online coaches, entrepreneurs, and consultants like you #MakeItReign and overcome their fear of the camera!


Everything is tested, proven, easy to implement and totally ‘Camera Shy Ready’


Module One: Bullet Proof Belief

99% of the time we let fear hold us back from pressing that record button. I am going to show you how you can shift your fear and build your rock-solid belief.



Module 2: Passion in The Process

Recording that first video is going to feel like a distant memory because in this module we are going fall in love with connecting to our audience on a deeper level with video. 



Module 3: Service Mindset

In this module I am going to teach you how to make more money in your coaching business by connecting to your inner confidence and leading with a service mindset. 



Worksheet #1 

Six Ways to sell on video without selling at all blueprint!




How to show up on social without feeling sleezy and salesy, I am going to show you how to build a power network of super fans.



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Imagine if…

You wake up to your inbox full of people who want to know more about what it is that you have to offer in this world!


Because they have watched you show up on camera, and your inner confidence is drawing them in.


STOP spinning your wheels and show up authentically, overcome your fear of the camera and embrace a new you.


… this is how it should be… and how it can be for YOU, too!





xo -Lisa 



→ Join The TIKTOK BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA to GROW, GAIN A LOYAL FOLLOWING and PROMOTE yourself, product or brand without being SALESY!



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